Happier onboarding.

Onboarding new customers is hard enough. Integrating data, APIs, and third party applications shouldn't make it harder.

Transform customer onboarding with the first AI-native app integration platform that elminates integration projects!

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Integrations for users without integration projects for you.

Onboarding customers to modern software solutions requires complex API & data integration. Most teams endure painful integration projects to get it done.

We provide an integration approach that all but eliminates the need for such projects.

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  • Rapidly develop app and data integrations and embed them within your software product or tech-enabled service.

  • Automate the system configuration, integration setup, and data preparation required when onboarding new customers.

  • Monitor customer data with comprehensive telemetry tools, anomaly detection, and AI-assisted troubleshooting.

Eliminating the Hard Parts of Integration Projects

Preparing to Integrate

Stop fiddling with API authentication, data bootstrapping, and system config. Let our AI agent guide you through it.

Building Integrations

No more complicated specs. No more back and forth with engineers. Build integrations using common language.


Instead of log diving to solve problems, simply ask the AI-powered monitoring agent what happened.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

We consider Blended Edge a trusted and reliable partner when it comes to delivering complex integrations to eCommerce platforms and back-end systems like ERPs.

Doug Smith

CTO / Deck Commerce

Both Doohickey and the Blended Edge team have been huge, helping us onboard new customers with complex integrations to CRMs and legacy software systems.

Henry Lynch

CTO / Vsimple