integration is hard.
We help software teams deliver more integrations faster, accelerating revenue and reducing cost.
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What We Believe
integration is a fundamental requirement for a software company. It should be faster, easier, and more cost effective.

how we help...

We provide software products and services that help your team deploy integrations faster, easier, and more cost-effectively. We make sure your integration program is streamlined and is aligned with your integration technology approach. This allows you to apply more time, money, and focus to bringing your product into the world.

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Who we are...

We are integration and SaaS business experts. We know how to manage the technology of integration, and we know how to align that with business outcomes discussed at the C-level. Building a successful software company is as much strategy as technology. We know how to help you with both sides of that coin.

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What we're talking about...

Building a "Best of Breed" Product Integration Program

This post covers what it takes for a software company to build a best of breed product integration program, reducing costs and increasing integration-related revenue potential.

Ryan Lunka Talks With Chase Clymer at Electric Eye

Blended Edge CEO, Ryan Lunka chats with Chase Clymer at Electric Eye, a leading eCommerce agency in Columbus, OH, on Chase's web show "Unprepared".

Prioritizing Your Product Integration Roadmap

Learn how to use a nine-box prioritization model to decide which product integrations to build, in what order, and which should be left behind.

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We can help you deliver integrations faster, easier, and more cost effectively. Let's talk about how.
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