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What if integration wasn't a burden?

Your SaaS product team can deliver more integrations and deliver them faster, all without the risk of technical debt, organizational debt, or runaway costs. We implement a combination of our commercial software, open source software, and a unique services model to help you get there.

For Engineers

More building. Less babysitting.

Use common dev tools to build integrations faster and maintain them more easily.

For Product Leaders

Deliver on that integration backlog.

Increase user adoption and reduce churn by offering more integrations faster.

For Partnership Leaders

Execute an ecosystem-led strategy.

Create gravity around your product by expanding your ecosystem presence.

Key platform Features

While certainly not the only features our platform offers, these are some of the most important:

  • Services for deploying integrations to end users safely
  • APIs for embedding integrations into your products
  • Developer tools to help your engineering team build faster
  • Flexible integration infrastructure to move data at scale

Solving These Problems

Our platform helps software product teams solve some of the toughest problems they face:

  • Keeping up with an unending list of integration requests
  • Safely and efficiently update integrations as APIs evolve
  • Balancing "build it once" with handling unique user needs
  • Building a scalable integration ops discipline

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ExTend YouR Team's Integration Capability

Not every integration team starts from the same place. To help you accelerate integration delivery on doohickey, we offer a unique services model called Integration Capability as a Service. Scope is custom packaged to help your team with...

  • Designing and building your integrations
  • Integration roadmapping and strategy
  • Managing a private cloud deployment
  • Proactive support for deployed integrations
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