About Us
We want to transform integration into a growth multiplier for software companies

Founded in 2020 in Columbus, Ohio by Ryan Lunka and Robb Winkle, Blended Edge set out to accomplish a challenging but worthwhile mission: make software integration faster, easier, and more cost-effective for software teams.

We help software teams by providing software and value-add services to help software teams build best-in-class product integration programs. Our software helps teams source, prioritize, and design product integrations by streamlining the complex requirements workflow that turns integration projects into an analysis nightmare. We also interface with market leading embedded integration platforms to help teams execute those integrations.

While we are always happy to extend a team's capacity to deliver integrations by providing additional integration experts, our primary objective is to teach team's how to fish. We don't want software teams, dependent on mastering the necessary evil that is integration, to be beholden to third-party integration experts.

We want to put ourselves out of a job, by making sure software teams have the products and processes they require to be experts in integration for themselves.

We look forward to helping as many software teams as possible master integration, and we look forward to building one of Columbus, Ohio's next great technology companies while doing so.

If you'd like to meet our team or learn more about what we do, simply reach out. We're always happy to talk!

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We can help you deliver more integrations faster, increasing revenue opportunity and reducing cost. Let's talk about how.
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