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How To Build Supportable Integrations

Build an integration is one thing. Building one you can support is another. This post dives into the best practices for building supportable integrations for your software product or tech-enabled service.

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Why SaaS Product Teams Struggle With Integration

In this post we look at four common reasons SaaS product teams struggle with integration and what you can do about each of them.

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Advantages of Using Open Source Software in Your SaaS Product

In this post we dive into the advantages of using open source software when building a SaaS product.

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A Best Practice Integration Design Workflow

This post describes a best practice integration design workflow that will help to ensure you build integrations that deliver an exceptional inter-product end user experience.

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10 Reasons Your Ecosystem Integration Program Is Failing (And What To Do About Them)

Building an ecosystem integration programming is hard, and the struggles that one company faces might look totally different from another's. This article will share 10 things that may be going wrong with your ecosystem integration program and gives some ideas for how to get past those problems.

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Six Approaches to Deploying SaaS Software Integration

Are you on a SaaS product team facing questions about how you'll handle integration to other products in your ecosystem? In this post, we'll break down the pros and cons of six different approaches to solving that problem.

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Collaborating With Customers to Build a Product Integration

In this post, we discuss why you should involve customers when building a product integration. We also share some advice for doing it effectively.

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Building a Best Practice Integration User Experience

This post will help you design best practice integration user experiences. This will allow users to find and enable more integrations, while reducing the burden on support and customer service teams.

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