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Why Venture Capitalists Should Care About Integration
In this post we take a look at three ways integration impacts investors, specifically venture capitalists: capital efficiency, product management, and market position. It also gives some questions investors can ask current and potential portfolio companies.
A Fresh Look at Developer Experience (DX) in 2020
Developer experience (DX) is what enables tech teams to create powerful inter-product experiences. In this post we'll discuss developer experience and how it is evolving.
The Future of Integration: Thinking About a Post-iPaaS World
In this post we'll look at the future of integration and how it'll be different than today's centralized iPaaS options.
How Integration Impacts Key SaaS Metrics
In this post, you'll learn how software integration impacts the following key SaaS metrics: Revenue, Churn, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Time to Value.
Why SaaS Product Teams Struggle With Integration
In this post we look at four common reasons SaaS product teams struggle with integration and what you can do about each of them.
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