SaaS Integration Blog
Charging For Integrations: How APIs and Integrations Impact Your Business Model
Should you charge for integrations? The answer is "maybe". This post walks you through what to consider when deciding whether to charge for APIs and integrations.
Building a Best Practice Integration User Experience
This post will help you design best practice integration user experiences. This will allow users to find and enable more integrations, while reducing the burden on support and customer service teams.
‍Scaling Product Integrations: How Everyone On the Team Helps
In this post, we’ll break down who does what, when it comes to scaling a successful integration program. We’ll also cover how these cross-functional goals and responsibilities as the program matures.
Catalyst 2022: Three Takeaways From the Partnership Leaders Conference
In this post we recap Catalyst, the Partnership Leaders conference, and share three takeaways we feel are most important.
How to Make Your Product Team Better at Integration
In this post we'll cover the three types of expertise your product team needs to develop to get really good at delivering integrations.
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