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How to Quantify Effort to Deploy a Product Integration
Learn how to quantify how much effort a product integration project will require, so that you can be sure to build the right integrations in the right order.
How to Quantify a Product Integration's Potential Impact
Learn how to build a quantitative model for comparing the potential impact new product integrations could have for your business.
Building a "Best of Breed" Product Integration Program
This post covers what it takes for a software company to build a best of breed product integration program, reducing costs and increasing integration-related revenue potential.
Ryan Lunka Talks With Chase Clymer at Electric Eye
Blended Edge CEO, Ryan Lunka chats with Chase Clymer at Electric Eye, a leading eCommerce agency in Columbus, OH, on Chase's web show "Unprepared".
Prioritizing Your Product Integration Roadmap
Learn how to use a nine-box prioritization model to decide which product integrations to build, in what order, and which should be left behind.
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