SaaS Integration Blog
What does an integration project actually look like?
In this post, we'll give a general overview of what to expect in an integration project. It's for anyone in the organization who finds themselves part of an integration team.
Collaborating With Customers to Build a Product Integration
In this post, we discuss why you should involve customers when building a product integration. We also share some advice for doing it effectively.
Build an Integration Capability, Not Just Integrations
In this post we explain why you should look at integration as a fundamental capability, not just a set of features.
Advantages of Using Open Source Software in Your SaaS Product
In this post we dive into the advantages of using open source software when building a SaaS product.
How to Scope and Estimate an Integration Project
This post shares a methodology for scoping and estimating software integration projects to help control costs and properly communicate expectations to stakeholders.
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