Integration Analyst

Date Posted: 
January 20, 2021

role description

One of the most difficult parts of completing a successful software integration project is getting the requirements right and communicating those requirements to engineers so that it gets built right.

The integration analyst will be responsible for working as part of a customer-facing team to do just that.

Our customers are growing software companies, usually SaaS, who bring us in to make them experts at building integrations from their products to others in their respective ecosystems. That also sometimes means bringing us in as an extension of their team to build some integrations ourselves.

You will play the critical role of helping those customers define what their integrations should look like and specifying those integrations using our best practice methods and tools. Then you'll work with integration engineers to deploy the integrations you specify.

This is a highly visible, customer-facing role where you'll have critical impact for our customers and therefore for our business.

This role has a lot of growth potential. We are a startup, so you'll be asked to flex into many responsibilities including helping us to build the products that digitize our integration best practices. You will be able to leave a significant stamp on the business and grow your career as the business does.


As an integration analyst, your primary role is to translate a customer's business requirements into an integration specification, then to work with the project team to ensure the integration is deployed as you specified.

This will include tasks like:

  • Defining integration project requirements by talking with customers about business use cases, analyzing API documentation, and working through data mapping
  • Reviewing and presenting requirements with customers and other stakeholders
  • Making recommendations for how to implement business requirements as high-functioning software integrations
  • Collaborating with customers' product, engineering, and partnership/business development teams, as needed from project to project
  • Reporting progress, managing time, and interacting with customer representatives, as specific project needs dictate
  • Working on internal projects to help Blended Edge get our own value-add software products to market


Minimum requirements for this role are as follows:

  • 2 to 5 years as a business analyst, product analyst, engineer, or a comparable role
  • Strong communication skills, specifically navigating business and technical conversations
  • Understanding concepts like data flows, API calls, and the mechanics of software integration
  • Experience in a client facing role, including presenting concepts to clients
  • A 4-year degree in business, engineering, or a comparable professional background (this is a really good fit for someone with an MIS degree or background)
  • Interest and comfort level working for a small, nimble startup.

Ideal candidates may also have:

  • Experience specifically with integration, API, digital transformation, ETL, or comparable projects
  • Experience using an integration platform-as-a-service product (Zapier, Mulesoft, Snaplogic, etc.)--we are Workato partners so major bonus points if you've use that one before!
  • Experience working with or within software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies
  • Domain expertise in digital commerce, marketing technology, ERP, or order fulfillment & logistics technology
  • Interest in building an awesome technology company in Columbus, Ohio

about blended edge

We founded Blended Edge to help software companies deliver product integrations faster, easier, and more cost-effectively. B2B software companies must absolutely provide integrations to other products if they want to achieve their growth goals. But, here's the problem...

Integration is hard and expensive. It's also a distraction from their core product and their go-to-market strategy. We provide products and services that help our customers transform product integration into a core competency.

Below are some specific responsibilities and qualifications for this role, but above all we subscribe to mentality described in Good to Great by Jim Collins: first who, then what.

We seek to get the right people on the bus, then figure out what seat they ultimately should sit in. That means we're open to non-traditional backgrounds and resumes if we can understand how your skills can be applied to our immediate needs.

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