a platform for building embedded integrations

doohickey helps engineering teams build better integrations that are embedded in your SaaS application.

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What do you get with Doohickey?

Build embeddable integrations

Doohickey makes it easier to embed integrations right inside your product or even into your partner's product.

dev tools for your engineering team

Doohickey is built for your engineering team, including tools like a CLI, an IDE, and CI/CD services.

integration devops services

Doohickey helps engineers deploy and manage integrations at scale and with enterprise quality.

integration infrastructure in a box

Doohickey provides an entire production ready runtime infrastructure for deploying embedded integrations.

What CAN YOU DO WITH Doohickey?

Build product integrations faster

Start with a CLI command that scaffolds up a development project in your IDE. Then use a set of data mapping add-ons for your IDE and an integration development SDK to code integrations using consistent building blocks. Build integrations the way engineers build...just do it faster.

deploy integrations safely

You've already got a CI/CD process and source control practices in place. Why should you have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to deploying integrations? Simply hook up Doohickey services to your existing pipeline to make sure you safely deploy new integrations and updates to existing ones.

Standardize Authentication

Whether it's a REST API using OAuth, an SFTP server with usernames and passwords, or something else, authentication with external systems should be consistent! Create and store system credentials in a secure, standardized way, so authentication doesn't take up all of your development time.

Enable end users to Configure

You don't want to go through a project every time an end customer wants to use an integration. Using the Doohickey API you can embed your integrations inside your product, allowing end users to enable and configure integrations from right within your UI or from an integration marketplace.

design integrations

Reduce the time it takes to define what an integration should do, using a consistent and highly organized integration design workflow.

build integrations

Reduce your engineers' build time by giving them tools that optimize their work without imposing a "low code" paradigm.

deploy integrations

Enable end users to configure and use integration templates deployed via your best practice CI/CD process.

monitor integrations

Maintain integration quality standards at scale with queryable and reportable data about every integration you've deployed.

market integrations

Create stickier, higher value customers by making it easy for them to find and enable more integrations to other products.

integration engine

Build integrations on an enterprise-grade, open source integration framework, deployed to your cloud environment or ours.

tools for software engineers

Doohickey provides developers with a complete tool set to build integrations fast and services that operationalize those integrations to support scale. Learn more about how engineers can reduce the build and deploy time for integrations.

empowerment for Product Leaders

More integrations means stickier, higher value customers. But, a seamingly endless backlog of integration requests always seems to be in the way of that. Learn more about how product leaders benefit when their teams use Doohickey to accelerate integration delivery.

ecosystem Growth for partnership leaders

The most successful SaaS companies are the ones who establish gravity within their ecosystem by creating integrated, cross-product experiences with technology partners. Learn more about how Doohickey helps to execute on an ecosystem-focused growth strategy.

powered by Open Source Software

Doohickey runs on top of Open Integration Hub, an open source integration framework that is purpose built to support embedded software product integration.

Using this full-featured integration infrastructure as code platform, you can skip right to building integrations instead of investing time into the plumbing.

Learn more about Open Integration Hub and how it works with Doohickey.

Deployed "as a service" or to your Cloud

We support multiple deployment models, including "as a service" or private deployment into your cloud. This enables flexibility to meet your requirements around data privacy, governance, and site reliability. We support deployment to all major cloud providers or to any environment with a Kubernetes implementation.

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