Next Gen Integration Platform

The first integration platform that uses generative AI, code automation, and DevOps best practices to actually eliminate integration projects, once and for all.

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Doohickey Platform Features

Doohickey Core Platform

The Doohickey Core Platform provides the tools and APIs that help you build and deploy embedded integrations. It's the backbone of your onboarding experience.

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  • Build reusable templates that make app and data integrations for new customers a breeze.
  • Developer tools help your engineering team build and deploy integrations using DevOps best practices.
  • Manage all of your customer provisioned integrations from a unified API and portal.
  • Designed API-first and built specifically to be embedded inside your software product or tech-enabled service.

Data Flow Generation

An AI-assisted approach to generating integrations from common language business requirements

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Tracing & Troubleshooting

Distributed event tracing to uncover errors and anomalies using an AI agent that helps you solve problems

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Automated System Config

An AI-powered agent that automates setting up systems for integration, including authentication

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How It Works

Doohickey provides all of the tools you need to deliver integrations, powered by AI when and where you need it to be.

Embedded Integration For Modern Software Solutions

Doohickey provides multiple ways to build and deliver integrations through the core platform. Integrations are deployed to a runtime that we host or that we can install in your own cloud environment.

Admin Portal and API for Managing Integrations

All of your integration templates, API connections, and deployments can be managed from a single admin portal. The API underlying this portal is also what helps you embed these integrations inside your software solutions.

Distributed Tracing With AI Querying & OpenTelemetry Compatibility

Every step of every integration emits event data to Doohickey's distributed tracing service. This tracing data can be queried using natural language with an AI agent, viewed in Doohickey's visibility UI, or piped to an OpenTelemetry compatible system.

Why It's Different

Doohickey isn't just another slightly better way to build app and data integrations. It's a completely new approach.

Integration Using iPaaS*

Integration Using Doohickey

Focused on helping you build integrations
Focused on helping you solve customer problems
General purpose integration utility
Built for onboarding customers to software solutions
Build integrations with low-code visual programming
Orchestrate data using natural language as your input
Limited by the system connectors that are available
Doesn't require connectors, because code is generated
Needs to be monitored for errors and failures
Proactively self-monitors then tells you if it needs help
Incrementally better than custom coding integrations
A fundamentally better way to integrate apps

* iPaaS stands for integration platform-as-a-service, a common term used to describe integration software.

Happier integration. Happier onboarding.

Are you ready to eliminate integration projects, so you can onboard customers faster and easier? Check out Doohickey, a next gen approach to application integration.

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