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The Basics
Doohickey provides engineers an IDE, a CLI, and a set of cloud services that rapidly accelerate the integration build process. The goal is to allow engineers to work in the way they are already most productive, but optimizing the specific tasks involved in building an integration.
Why Engineers Should Care
  • Spend more time building things that deliver value to the business.
  • Build with a highly scalable microservices framework that supports big integrations.
  • Work with a modern, JavaScript-based technology stack.

More Building, Less Babysitting

One of the most frustrating parts of building integrations is the babysitting. Watching for API changes, reacting to data problems, and monitoring services are all required tasks that don't get you where you want to be: more integrations.

Doohickey is built to reduce the time and effort that goes into babysitting live integrations, by providing tools purpose-built for the task, deployed onto a standard, reliable set of services.

Build the Way You Already Build

Most integration technologies try to streamline your workflow by providing low- or no-code environments. It looks fast on a demo, because it doesn't look like coding. In reality, these tools rarely speed up development, especially for engineers who are used to writing code.

Doohickey is designed engineer-first. While reducing the code required for integrations is one of the overall goals, engineers will build integration templates in JavaScript within an IDE. Those integrations will be run and deployed with a CLI and the CI/CD process you already have in place.

REliable, Repeatable Patterns

Doohickey represents years of experience building and deploying SaaS integrations, codified into a simple engineering toolset. It helps engineers build a library of integrations using standard patterns that are proven to scale. This allows engineers to focus more on building the actual integrations and less on all the supporting technology required to make them run.
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