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Partnership Details
Blended Edge is an Integration Member of the Open Integration Hub community and a regular contributor to the framework.
Open Source License Details
Open Integration Hub is an open source project made available under the Apache 2.0 license.

doohickey + open integration hub

Doohickey is built to run on Open Integration Hub, which provides all of the integration infrastructure you need to power product integrations at scale as an open source framework.

We deploy Open Integration Hub into your cloud environment or ours, enabling the functions required to operate integrations. Doohickey allows you to connect to all of these environments to help you build and maintain integrations faster and easier than ever.

Deploying integrations this way is more flexible and affords you more control over data, when compared to commercially available products. You get the benefits of building it yourself without actually having to build it yourself!

what's included?

Open Integration Hub is an open source, enterprise-grade integration framework. It's purpose-built to support SaaS integration and includes these key features:

  • Standard set of services and components for interacting with APIs and common interfaces as well as processing data as it moves between systems
  • Headless, API-first design for a truly embedded integration experience
  • Microservices architecture running on Kubernetes, so it can easily deploy to all major cloud computing environments and scale to meet your customers' needs
  • Authentication management features to help you connect your products with external systems using multiple auth methods, including OAuth 2.0
  • Messaging framework built on RabbitMQ, which enables high-volume asynchronous data movement between APIs

Why this approach?

Building your integrations on an open source framework is an unconventional approach. We believe it's the right solution because:

  1. It reduces risk. You shouldn't have to choose between building everything yourself or betting the farm on someone else's commercial integration product.
  2. It allows engineers to work like engineers. They don't want to be forced into learning low-code solutions. They demo well to business stakeholders, but they frustrate engineers.
  3. It provides flexibility. The flexibility to build a differentiated user experiences for discovering, enabling, and managing integrations is an absolute requirement.
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