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The Basics
Doohickey provides product teams with a set of tools and cloud services that rapidly accelerate the integration build process. This means driving faster toward becoming an ecosystem hub, and it means getting their sooner.
Why Executive Leaders Should Care
  • More integrations means more gravity within your ecosystem.
  • Having a marketplace for integrations helps users build around your product.
  • Having tech partners build integrations to your product is now achievable.
  • Highly integrated products are more valuable to investors and deliver bigger returns.

Become an Ecosystem Hub

In every software ecosystem, there's a race among providers to see who gets to be a primary hub technology.

Providing a robust library of useful integrations for your users is one of the most effective ways to achieve that "hub" status.

Doohickey helps your team deliver those integrations faster, so you can become an ecosystem hub sooner.

Help Users Build Around You

When your product provides integrations to all the other products your customer uses, they can embed your product within their workflows.

With all the friction removed, they will cement your product into their business processes.

Doohickey helps your team eliminate that friction, ensuring they deliver more high-utility integrations for users, faster.

Help Partners Build Integrations

The gold standard for SaaS product integration is enabling technology partners to build integrations to your product--not the other way around. But, this is traditionally difficult to achieve.

It requires that you expose your integration technology and workflows to third parties. It requires a whole new kind of user experience. It requires governance and process.

Now, your team can white label Doohickey capabilities to provide your technology partners the same reliable, consistent integration workflow that your team uses internally.
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