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The Basics
Doohickey provides product teams with a set of tools and cloud services that rapidly accelerate the integration build process. The goal is to allow teams to deliver integrations faster to expand the connectivity footprint of their product.
Why Product Leaders Should Care
  • More integrations means stickier users.
  • Building integrations in less time means chewing through the backlog faster.
  • Less integration maintenance effort means more focus on new features.
  • Embedding an integration framework enables seamless product experiences.

Faster Integration Delivery

Doohickey gives the product team the tools and processes it needs to deliver integrations faster. This means delivering on more of what's in the backlog. It means supporting more strategic technology partnerships. It means providing more connectivity.

Keep Users Engaged Longer

The more integrations your user enables, the more workflows they've streamlined across your product. When this happens, your product plays a bigger, more valuable role in their daily work. This means users are stickier, and stay engaged longer. It means they churn far less.

Doohickey helps you create high value cross-product experiences through integration, and it helps the product team deliver those experiences quickly.

Predictable integration projects

Doohickey codifies a best practice integration delivery workflow into a standardized set of tools and services. This means integration projects tend be more consistent. It also means estimates for delivery are more accurate.

Stop playing guessing games when strategically planning around a new integration going live!
start building better integrations.
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