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Doohickey is a better way to build native SaaS integrations. Start for free, then go to production with simple, usage-based pricing.

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Up to 10,000 events/month

7 days of event history

Personalized success plan

Free for non-production data*


per month (paid annually)

Up to 8 flow templates

Up to 100,000 events/month

14 days of event history

Free for non-production data


per month (paid annually)

Up to 24 flow templates

Up to 1 million events/month

14 days of event history

Free for non-production data

Additional dev environment


custom pricing

Bulk event discounts

Extended event history

Additional environments

Self-hosted environments

Service Level Agreement

all plans include...

The following are included in all plans:

  • Free use for non-production data*
  • Email support and shared Slack channel
  • Developer tools: CLI, VS Code plugins, and code libraries
  • Open source integration component library
  • Unlimited internal users
  • Unlimited end user integration activations

* For 60 days without a paid plan

additional items...

The following are available for an additional fee:

  • Additional production or non-production environments
  • Extended event history storage
  • Overage on monthly events
  • Custom SLAs and managed service arrangements
  • Integration environment deployed to your cloud

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frequently asked questions

What is a templated integration?
Doohickey helps SaaS engineers build "templated" integrations. These integrations are the same for all end users, except for a few simple configuration options. This enables end users to set up integrations on their own. An integration like this is made up of one or more "flow templates" (what's described in the pricing tiers).

What are flow templates and how are they counted?
Integrations include at least one flow template, and we find that most integrations have two to four of them. A flow, generated from a flow template, includes a trigger (poll or webhook) and steps that retrieve, process, and push data to its destination. We count the template, regardless of how many times it is used to create a flow for a specific end user.

What are events and how are they counted?
Component execution steps make up flows. Every time a step in a flow executes on an end user's behalf, that counts as an event. Events fired for non-production integrations do not count against your budget (limited to 60 days on the "Starter" plan).

What happens if I go over my monthly budget of flow templates or events?
We make it as easy as possible. If paying annually, we'll invoice you for the prorated amount for the rest of your subscription term. If paying monthly, flow templates will be added to your next invoice at the a la carte price. We count event overages per month and add the overage cost at the end of that month. If you require more templates or events than your budget allows, we encourage you to reach out for a pre-arranged plan. We can be more flexible on pricing that way.

What does "non-production data" mean?
Data flow templates and events that are not being used by your end customers are considered "non-production data". This gives you the ability to build and test integrations without using your flow template and event budgets.

Who did you build Doohickey for?
We built this product for engineers working on SaaS applications. We do not believe that "low-code" makes integration easier. Instead, we aim to make your coders and DevOps teams awesome at integration, using the tools they already have in place.

What is it like to work with Blended Edge?
We know that integration is hard. For many teams, it's frustrating. It takes attention away from other important initiatives. With our products, our support, and our services, we work very hard to reduce that friction. You will know our team by first name and you will find that EVERYONE on our team is technically competent. We are very open to ideas, creative arrangements, and new features. When problems do arise, we go out of our way to make sure they don't linger.

Can I make feature requests?
Absolutely! We want to build the best possible product for you. You'll have email-based support and a shared Slack channel with direct access to our team. PLEASE help us build you an even better product.

What's up with having two names? Why Blended Edge and Doohickey?
We started Blended Edge with specific mission to help SaaS companies with integration. The biggest thing we learned while doing so was that the integration tools available to SaaS engineers aren't getting it done. In response, we built a platform to help SaaS engineers build integrations the way they build other features. We named that product Doohickey.

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