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An end-to-end integration workflow

doohickey provides the tooling for an end-to-end integration dev & deployment workflow. Integration engineers continue develop like engineers, but using services, tooling, and an open source framework that accelerate integration builds.

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design integrations

Reduce the time it takes to define what an integration should do, using a consistent and highly organized integration design workflow.

build integrations

Reduce your engineers' build time by giving them tools that optimize their work without imposing a "low code" paradigm.

deploy integrations

Enable end users to configure and use integration templates deployed via your best practice CI/CD process.

monitor integrations

Maintain integration quality standards at scale with queryable and reportable data about every integration you've deployed.

market integrations

Create stickier, higher value customers by making it easy for them to find and enable more integrations to other products.

integration engine

Build integrations on an enterprise-grade, open source integration framework, deployed to your cloud environment or ours.

Built for Engineers

Doohickey provides engineers with a complete dev tool set to build integrations fast and services that operationalize those integrations to support scale. Learn more about how engineers can reduce the build and deploy time for integrations.

Built for Product Leaders

More integrations means stickier, higher value customers. But, a seamingly endless backlog of integration requests always seems to be in the way of that. Learn more about how product leaders benefit when their teams use Doohickey to accelerate integration delivery.

Built for the CEO

The most successful SaaS companies are the ones who establish gravity within their ecosystem by creating integrated, cross-product experiences with technology partners. Learn more about how Doohickey helps to execute on an ecosystem-focused growth strategy.

Deployed on an open source engine

Doohickey runs on top of Open Integration Hub, an open source integration framework that is purpose built to support SaaS product integration.

Using this full-featured integration infrastructure as code platform, you can skip right to building integrations instead of investing time into the plumbing. Learn more about Open Integration Hub and how it works with Doohickey.

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