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embedded integration platforms

The foundation for a successful product integration program is best of breed embedded integration technology. We offer implementation services on two vetted integration platforms, both of which serve as an engine for your product integrations. We will work with your team to identify which product is the best fit, then help you build integrations on the chosen platform.

Harness the power of open source technology to bring integration capabilities into your software products. OIH offers multiple deployment models to accomodate for a variety of use cases.

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Embed the Workato's Gartner- and Forrester-leading integration and automation platform into your software product to provide your customers best of breed product integrations.

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integration program execution

Blended Edge provides software products that complement your integration technology and help you more effectively execute your integration program. We take the complexity and guesswork out of exploring and triaging integration opportunities. Then, we streamline the most complex parts of deploying and owning these integrations. All of this results in faster time to market, lower cost of ownership, and happier integrated customers.

intelligent data mapping

Design and validate data integration requirements, aligning to overall business requirements, without using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets.

portfolio management

Explore, source, and triage product integration opportunities by aligning them to your strategic objectives and making ROI-based priority decisions.

universal ipaas adapter

Our products are designed to be universally applied. Plug our products into whatever integration technology you already use.

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