open integration hub implementation
Blended Edge + Open Integration Hub
We help you harness the power of open source integration framework, Open Integration Hub, to deploy product integrations. Embedding Open Integration Hub into your software product gives you full-scale integration capabilities without having to commercially license another piece of software.
Partnership Details
Blended Edge is an Integration Member of the Open Integration Hub community.
Open Source License Details
Open Integration Hub is an open source project made available under the Apache 2.0 license.

The Open Integration Hub is an open source, enterprise-grade integration framework, driven by a community of engaged technologists who want to make integration easier. It supports a variety of integration use cases, but is particularly well suited as an embedded integration framework for SaaS products.

Key features include:

  • Standard set of services for interacting with APIs and common interfaces as well as processing data as it moves between systems
  • Headless deployment for a truly embedded integration experience‍
  • Backed by a community of engineers who build and maintain additional components and services
  • Multiple deployment models (into our cloud environment or yours)

Blended Edge will stand up The Open Integration Hub as the foundation of your product integration program--your very own embedded integration framework. We expect at least to halve the cost/time to build and maintain integrations, enabling you to deliver more product integrations faster.

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