workato oem implementation
Blended Edge + Workato
We work side-by-side with Workato to embed its Gartner- and Forrester-leading integration and automation capabilities into your software product. Deploying Workato OEM provides the foundation for a faster, easier, and more cost-effective product integration program.
Partnership Details
Blended Edge is a Workato Silver Partner.

Workato OEM enables software teams to embed Workato's Gartner- and Forrester-leading integration and automation capabilities inside their own products. This means you get a best of breed integration capability without having to build software for it.

Key features include:

  • Embed the Workato integration experience within your software, leveraging from three deployment models that serve different needs
  • Leverage a library of over a thousand connectors and/or create connectors that only you and your customers can use
  • Provide multi-tenant end customer oversight and support from your top-level account
  • Leverage enterprise-class security, SSO capabilities, and compliant authentication modes
  • SOC II compliant and always available in a reliable cloud environment

Workato OEM is flexible and will adapt as your customers' and your needs change. Using its full suite of integration capabilities means you can spend less time on integration tech and more time on addressing customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations.

With the Blended Edge product integration program executed on Workato OEM, we expect at least to halve the cost/time to build and maintain integrations, enabling you to deliver more product integrations faster.


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