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Catalyst 2022: Three Takeaways From the Partnership Leaders Conference

In this post we recap Catalyst, the Partnership Leaders conference, and share three takeaways we feel are most important.

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Building a "Best of Breed" Product Integration Program

This post covers what it takes for a software company to build a best of breed product integration program, reducing costs and increasing integration-related revenue potential.

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Charging For Integrations: How APIs and Integrations Impact Your Business Model

Should you charge for integrations? The answer is "maybe". This post walks you through what to consider when deciding whether to charge for APIs and integrations.

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The Pros and Cons of System Connector Based iPaaS Integration

This post looks at the pros and cons of a system-specific connector approach and considers when you should use it to provide connectivity for users.

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A Basic Framework For Choosing the Right Integration Approach

You have many choices for how you decide to attack your integration challenges. This post presents a simple matrix that you can use to help make better integration decisions.

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Creating Cross-Product Experiences: A Hierarchy of Needs

This post looks at a hierarchy of needs for creating cross-product experiences--which are what your users are really asking for when they say, "I need an integration to X."

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Deciding Which SaaS Integrations to Deliver and How to Deliver Them

In this post we dive into how to decide which integrations to deliver and how to deliver them.

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Build an Integration Capability, Not Just Integrations

In this post we explain why you should look at integration as a fundamental capability, not just a set of features.

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